Hybrid Conference of State Delegates at Reutlingen

A state party conference centres on content. It's about interaction, discussions and reaching decisions. Implementing voting procedures that are legally watertight is, after all, no easy feat, but it is an integral part of a lively and strong democracy. Corona regulations require that everything has to be organised in hybrid form. At the Stadthalle Reutlingen this task was in competent hands, thanks to the civic centre's excellent technical equipment, such as the 10 Gbit/s fibre optic connection and the team's extensive know-how with regard to hybrid events. As Petra Roser, the director of the Stadthalle, puts it: "Systemic relevance is always the responsibility of those who act. And our concern is to support their actions professionally and with digital means."

Everything in digital form – systemic relevance presented in detail

For the 65 party delegates and press representatives who were present at the Stadthalle Reutlingen, and for around 250 congress participants who took part online, the Stadthalle Reutlingen ensured that the entire content could be accessed throughout. Whether in person or digitally: the course of events could be followed by the participants on every monitor in the building, in all the breakout rooms, and at the same time by the general public via live streaming.

Technology supports content – focus on safety

Preview monitors/teleprompters as well as meticulously prepared information on procedures guaranteed the smooth running of the conference. Dual moderation – for content, and as an auxiliary function, co-moderation for the integration of virtual requests and discussion contributions – ensured the correct balance between in-person delegates and online participants. All this is made possible by the professionally supervised management, optimum picture and sound quality, camera work and screen transmission. It goes without saying that both in the preparation phase and throughout the two days of the event, rapid corona tests were available for employees and delegates as part of the all-round service provided by the Stadthalle Reutlingen.

Sustainability central to the comprehensive event package

The Stadthalle Reutlingen offers a comprehensive package arrangement from one provider, consisting of technical implementation and all-round service, as well as a maximum of safety – with the additional bonus of staging hybrid events that are also carbon neutral. Because even during lockdown, sustainability remains the declared cornerstone of all its activities. Petra Roser concludes: "Corona won't last for ever. Our event concepts therefore clearly continue to focus on long-term development potentials. For us, sustainability plays a central role in securing the future of the sector."