Baden-Württemberg & Stuttgart Region


Baden-Württemberg lies in Southwest Germany and borders on France and Switzerland. Between them there's the Black Forest with its unspoilt nature and traditional customs. With its population of 11.1 million inhabitants, Baden-Württemberg is Germany's third-largest federal state.

The people of the region are known for their innovative ideas, inventive talent and hard work. With their creativity and ingenuity, knowledge and ability, and their active involvement in commerce, science and education, art and culture and society, they have made the southwest corner of Germany one of the most successful regions not only in Europe, but anywhere in the world.

The state capital of Stuttgart is the geographic, economic and political hub of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. It is surrounded by vineyards and woodlands, and its numerous parks and green spaces are inviting places to linger. Stuttgart's special charm is defined by its vineyards. The city has a long tradition of wine growing.

The Stuttgart Region is known for its economic strength, as the cradle of the automobile, the home of countless global players and of innovative, medium-sized enterprises from the automobile and engineering sectors. It is one of the most important high-tech centres for mobility, aerospace, engineering, finance and green technology.

The people of Stuttgart are sociable and like to celebrate: hardly a month passes in the state capital without a big festival. The Spring Festival rings in the first warm days of the year. The Wine Festival celebrates the region's fine wines. The Stuttgart Beer Festival on the Cannstatter Wasen fairground attracts 4 million visitors to Stuttgart annually, as does the Christmas Market, which brings the year to a close with enticing aromas and a sea of lights.

Facts about the Stuttgart Region:

  • Stuttgart is the capital of the high-tech federal state of Baden-Württemberg
  • 2.8 million people from more than 180 nations live in the Stuttgart Region (25% of the population of Baden-Württemberg)
  • 30% of Baden-Württemberg's GDP is produced in the Stuttgart Region
  • Foremost European business location with an excellent reputation worldwide and a workforce of around 1.5 million
  • Home to the corporate headquarters of many German and European companies (e.g. Daimler, Bosch, Porsche, Stihl, Kärcher, Festo, Trumpf, Ritter Sport, Märklin, IBM, HP, WMF, EY)
  • Leads the field in research and development
  • Companies in the Stuttgart Region invest 8.1 % of their GDP in research and development
  • More patents are applied for in Baden-Württemberg than anywhere else in Germany (German Patent Office 2018)
  • Enjoyment Region: 24 Michelin-starred restaurants and 42 million litres of wine produced each year
  • Discovery Region: unique topography with lots of wonderful scenic lookouts, 68 castles and palaces and cultural offerings of world renown
  • Stuttgart's Television Tower – the first of its kind in the world
  • The second most prolific mineral springs in Europe

Reasons for successful business meetings & events in Stuttgart Region

Mercedes-Benz plant Sindelfingen, © Daimler AG

#1 Centre of Sci­ence and Com­merce

Few other regions in Europe can match Stuttgart as a centre of technology and innovation. Some 160,000 companies are based here. Around 80,000 students in 26 universities, colleges and academies have close cooperation with the business sector.

Messe Stuttgart, © Messe Stuttgart

#2 A di­verse and ex­cep­tion­al event in­fra­struc­ture

The Stuttgart region is one of the foremost meeting locations in Germany and convinces with its wide range of trade fair and conference options, competent partners, excellent transport links and hospitality.

Stuttgart beer festival, © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH, Jean-Claude Winkler

#3 Tra­di­tion­ally hos­pit­able

Typical for Swabian gemütlichkeit are the many lively festivals, regional specialities and starred gastronomy, exquisite wines and locally-brewed beers.

Opera house, © Alwin Maigler

#4 Uniquely event­ful

The Stuttgart Region presents itself as 'uniquely eventful' with its countless tourist attractions and cultural options

Arrival by train, © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH

#5 Cent­ral loc­a­tion and easy to reach

Stuttgart has good transport links to many German and European metropolises – making it easy to get to by car, plane or train. Thanks to the excellent public transport network, you can reach your destination in a convenient and eco-friendly way. Here you'll find information on travelling to and around Stuttgart.