Swabian hospitality

A maximum of enjoyment and unforgettable moments – surely that's what everyone wants. And Stuttgart and the Region offer plenty of opportunity for just that. Exquisite starred cuisine and down-to-earth traditional dishes guarantee lots of culinary highlights. And if you've ever eaten tender Rostbraten (fried steak with onions), tasty Kässpätzle (cheesy noodles) or Ofenschlupfer mit Vanillesoße (baked bread pudding with vanilla custard), you'll know what Swabian soul food tastes like.


Spring and summer festivals, wine festivals and Christmas events – all year round countless highlights invite visitors to the Stuttgart Region. The Stuttgart Wine Festival combines typical Swabian gemütlichkeit with regional specialities and exquisite local wines. The largest event by far is the Stuttgart Beer Festival. Each year at the end of September, Europe's biggest showmen's festival guarantees lots of entertainment and sociable fun with its fairground rides and beer tents. And as the year draws to a close, the Stuttgart Region's many festive Christmas markets are a popular attraction.

Stuttgart Summer Festival, © SMG Trickytine

Festivals & Markets

Aug 4, 2022

can­celed: Stut­tgart Sum­mer Fest­iv­al 2022

Schlossplatz Stuttgart (Palace Square), Stuttgart

© Pro Stuttgart

Festivals & Markets

Aug 17, 2022

Stut­tgart Wine Vil­lage

© SMG Jean-Claude Winkler

Festivals & Markets

Sep 23, 2022

Stut­tgart Beer Fest­iv­al 2022

Cannstatter Wasen Stuttgart, Stuttgart

© SMG Achim mende

Festivals & Markets

Nov 23, 2022

Christ­mas mar­ket in Stut­tgart 2022

Stuttgart city centre, Stuttgart



Food and drink keep body and soul together – and no good meal is complete without a glass of delectable wine from the Region.

Swabian Maultaschen with potato salad, © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH Jean-Claude Winkler

Se­lec­ted Gast­ro­nomy

Wine Tavern, © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH

Wine Re­gion