Arrival by train

The Stuttgart Main Train Station is an important junction of the international north-south and east-west stretches. Through the rail network with ICE, TGV and IC trains Stuttgart is directly connected with 13 European capitals.

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The cooperation of the three AiRail partners Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Deutsche Bahn AG and Fraport AG make it possible: the close networking of ICE and plane.

AlRail Service - Mobility with more comfort
The AlRail service already begins at the Stuttgart Main Train Station:
You can check in comfortably in the middle of the city center and already receive your board card for all connecting flights from Frankfurt.
At Lufthansa's check in counter in the Main Train Station in Stuttgart, your luggage will be handed in to the destination airport - that is also for your connecting flight from Frankfurt. The close networking of the Deutsche Bahn with the luggage system of the Frankfurt/Main Airport ensures the seamless transfer from train to flight. The luggage is transported in containers which make possible a safe and quick re-loading. Of course the AlRail service is also valid when you travel back to Stuttgart (an exception for the processing of luggage are flights to Tel Aviv / Israel). Please obtain exact information on the connected airlines from Lufthansa.

Car 12 in the ICE from Stuttgart Main Train Station to the Frankfurt Airport is reserved for Lufthansa passengers. Exclusively. That means: You start in a separate Lufthansa car with 46 seats which is not available to the other train passengers. At the front of the platform.

Quick connection Stuttgart Main Station - Frankfurt Airport and back
Save time and travel comfortably. The travel time on the stretch between the Main Train Station Stuttgart and the Frankfurt / Main Airport is only 75 minutes. You start in Stuttgart in the middle of the city - and don't have to make the trip to the airport.

The effect: For some connections (for example Stuttgart-Beijing) the AlRail service via Frankfurt even offers quicker travel times to the destination airport. The same is of course also valid for travels in the opposite direction. At any rate, the minimal transfer time of 45 minutes at the Frankfurt Airport is guaranteed.