Stuttgart Incentive: Curling – Throw the others off the (ice) track

We do not need the deepest winter with snow, ice and low temperatures for this Curling event in Stuttgart. Due to our portable ice tracks you can also make your curling experience with warmer temperatures. We bring all the material, come to your favourite location and start the event with a short introduction to the technique and the rules. Then the hunt for points will start. Grab your curling stone, focus your target and throw your opponents off the (ice) track. If you can manage do so more often than the other team, you will win this tournament and sing the Queen classic “We are the Champions”.

All wishes will be fulfilled since we will take care of your wellbeing during the event. With hand warmers and torch illumination a perfect atmosphere will be created so that you can enjoy your event in complete perfection.

- Complete equipment incl. track and curling stones
- Organisation of the event and realisation on site
- Support Service of experienced team guides
- Light/Roofing if necessary
- Picture documentation and password-protected gallery online
- Certificates for each participant



Duration: starting from 1,5 hours

Price per person    from    €   45,- add. 19% VAT
Logistics costs      from    € 150,- add. 19% VAT
If necessary extra costs, depending on location and complexity.
Prices can vary depending on scope of service, venue and number of participants.

Language: German and English

Minimum    15 persons
Maximum 100 persons

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