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Case Study: 30. International Electric Vehicle Symposium

The 20K Foot Look: One of the roads to a greener future is to get large numbers of electric vehicles onto our streets … be they for personal, commercial or public use.

This once pie in the sky idea has already started to pick up speed as a niche green trend globally, and is poised to hit mass markets soon.

With a rich tradition of automotive firsts and a thriving automotive tech, innovation and economic development scene, Stuttgart is a prime place for people to meet, share knowledge and move e-mobility forward. Just this past October Stuttgart hosted EVS30 the world’s leading electromobility congress and exhibition, and in October 2018 the Messe Stuttgart will launch its own elect! event.

The Mission:

Replace fossil-fueled, carbon emitting cars and vehicles with emission-free electric ones … helping our planet literally breathe easier.

"According to various surveys 70 million electric vehicles will [be] on the road worldwide by 2025," forecasts Professor Henning Kagermann from the German National Platform for Electric Mobility.

The Meeting:

EVS30 – the 30th anniversary International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition is the world’s leading meeting for the entire electromobility industry.

This past October for 3 days the world’s leading automotive scientific, IT, economic and business brains rolled into Stuttgart -- home to auto giants like Porsche,  Daimler and Bosch -- to meld minds and help get e-vehicles from concept to our roads at EVS30.

Merging the scientific and market forces needed to help make this happen, content at EVS30 was spun around new research projects and tech advancements, market development strategies and innovative business models. Driverless cars, intelligent software, wireless charging, hydrogen and solar powered travel were just some of the hot topics covered.

In addition to the 200+ learning sessions and keynotes the vibrant exhibition floor also let people see and learn about the latest vehicle designs and technologies making it all go.

And because there is no e-mobility without advanced power storage technologies, Stuttgart based f-cell and BATTERY+STORAGE rounded out the EVS30 landscape as co-located events.

Finally, knowing that breakthroughs often come from connecting the right people at the right time there was also a matchmaking component at EVS30 and the co-located events that resulted in many highly targeted meet-ups.

Experiencing e-Mobility:

Knowing that learning through doing can be the most powerful and memorable, attendees also enjoyed rolling up their sleeves on innovation through a variety of activities including:

    Getting behind of the wheel of one of 40 four, three or two wheeled e-vehicles for a test drive on a Ride & Drive course. This was wildly popular with over 750 rides taken.
    Doing various visits and tours called TecTours in Stuttgart and nearby, at organizations doing breakthrough work in automotive and electromobility, including for example:

  •         The Porsche & Bosch factories
  •         The lab at the Institute of Electrical Energy Conversion at The University of Stuttgart
  •         The Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg
  •         The IBM Lab Böblingen working on the Connected Car
  •         The Festo technology plant focusing on Industry 4.0 aka The Smart Factory
  •         The Audi Forum

Electromobility Action Day = City Wide Excitement

Not resting on rallying electromobility industry wonks alone, EVS30 went a step further to help educate consumers in Stuttgart area on what e-vehicles are and how to prepare for them. Working with the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation, the popular Karlsplatz as well as market square was transformed into a green mobility “sand box” the day before EVS30. Here people rode e-bikes, checked out the latest models of e-cars and talked about the batteries that power these greener rides.

What’s Next in Stuttgart for Electromobility:

Continuing to move the global sustainable mobility market ahead, in October 2018 a new show called elect! founded by the Messe Stuttgart will launch to keep the conversation going strong. Take a first look at

EVS30 by the Numbers & Names

9,500 participants between the conference and exhibition (a new record)

Attendees from 58 countries

More than 50% of exhibitors = international -- including the US & Canada

Lead organizers = World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA) and the European Association for Electromobility (AVERE). Messe Stuttgart, the German Solar Mobility Association (BSM), Baden-Württemberg International (bw-i), e-mobil BW, Peter Sauber Agency Exhibitions, the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation and the Stuttgart Convention Bureau were also involved.